Cody Wilson & 3D Printed Ghost Gun Control


I’ve always intended for this site to remain politically free, but 3D printing, CNC and CAD file sharing is so at the heart of the whole 3D “Ghost Gun” controversy that it’s impossible to ignore.

A note: Please excuse how many times I have to use the term “3D printed gun”. If I’d just had used the terms “gun” or “plastic gun” it wouldn’t be the clear distinction it needs to be. If you can think of a useful replacement, I’ll make the changes and remove this note.

In case there’s some slim chance you haven’t heard anything about Cody Wilson, Defense Distributed or the 3D printed Ghost Gun, let me summarize: As you’ve probably already gathered, Cody Wilson of the Texas-based non-profit company has successfully designed a gun, based on the AR-15, which can be made with a 3D printer. Since it would be illegal to sell it, he has made it available for download by anyone for free. That is, until a few weeks ago, when I federal judge put a stay of execution order on Ghost Gun downloads, making it illegal to continue sharing the file for making the gun. BUT, hold on, now another Texas Federal Judge has removed the stay and made it legal to share again.

The federal judge who placed the stay in the first place, did so, claiming it violated export laws and the Federal Judge who removed the stay, did so, claiming the stay violated the freedom of speech, but we all know it was really about gun control. When will people learn, there is no control and once you give something to people and you cannot take it away. Not to mention, it’s THE SECOND CONSTITUTIONAL amendment. Didn’t they learn anything when they tried the alcohol prohibition? It created an income stream for the gangsters, through the illegal sales of alcohol, which increased the power and influence. The temperance people had to give in and give alcohol back to the people. The mob was certainly worse than alcohol abuse.

But never mind all that. The part of the story that really relates to us, makers and users of 3D printers and 3D printing: the file for making the Ghost Gun has been available for download for years. More than 100,000 copies had already been downloaded. So, putting a stop to Cody Wilson from making the file available is purely tokenary. The file is already out there and that doesn’t mean there are 100,000 copies out there to be rounded up, because, (obvious to us,) files can be copied and I won’t say the obvious that if you download a file, it doesn’t mean someone has given you their copy. And I won’t say a download file is a copy of the file that was downloaded. Oops! I guess I said it! Well, the point is… it would be truly impossible to round up ALL copies of the file, so they’re completely out of luck there.

And never mind that even, the best thing (or worst thing) Cody Wilson did was prove it is possible to 3D print a working gun. No one needs the Ghost Gun file anyway to create a 3D gun. People can design their own. The worst thing those people trying to stop this gun from getting out there is make a big deal about it. Now there are people who may never have known anything about 3D printing or 3D printing working guns that now know and the bigger the deal they made, the more the information got out there. And information is key. The knowledge about 3D printed guns works on both sides of the gun barrel. Not only does anyone intent on crime know now it is possible create a 3D printed gun, but anyone facing a 3D printed gun (REAL or NOT, WORKING or NOT) now knows it’s possible too and unless it’s extremely obvious, they’ll have to treat any 3D printed gun as a working gun.

I’m not saying “Don’t Inform the people” because the only real solution here to any gun problem is EDUCATION. In fact, education can be the solution to most of our problems today. But it has to be real education and not agenda driven propaganda or the silent, behind the scenes dumbing down education we’ve been given people for the last few decades. Hey, I ended on a political note too… shame on me!


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