The Best Of 3D Printing – An Intro

The Best Of 3D Printing is a website where those who use 3D printers can find links to the best stuff about 3D printing on the Internet.

3D Printing at home is experiencing a real growth these days, thanks to the prices of the personal 3D printers coming down to an affordable range. With such a growth it can be hard for the new and veteran 3D printers to sift through all the junk to find the real treasures.  For Instance;  What are the best places to download 3D models?  What ARE the best 3D models to be found?  Who has the best training or does the best reviews?  Where can we find the latest news in 3D printing?  I’ve been 3D printing for only a couple years now and I’m still learning.  I thought it might be helpful if I share what I’m learning.  It might save others from wasted hours looking for the good and/or helpful stuff, but this blog isn’t intended to be one way conversation, it’s intended to be a discussion.  We can help each other find the best of 3D printing that’s on the internet.


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Darren Hughes

Darren is a Nerd/Jock hybrid. In fact, he maybe the original nerd. In the '60's, he and his Sister were certainly among the first Trekkies, having pretended to be the crew of Enterprise at night (after watching the original series during it's inaugural run) and playing little league in the day. Darren holds a few college degrees. One of them for Engineering and another for Computer Networking. He's always been a fan of learning and technology. Darren has only been 3D printing for a couple years and still considers himself a novice. It is his hope for this blog site to share what he learns as he goes with other beginners, to save them time and hassle finding the best 3D printing and avoiding the worst.