It’s a new blog and the author (me) has already been missing in action, well, not exactly missing just unable to write.  With a mighty good reason I might add.  He’s been sick and spent a good deal of time in the hospital.  Now this is not a blog to complain or garner sympathy.  It’s mostly just to get something up.  Some people may have this same problem: but if I stop doing something for a serious length of time, it’s hard to get started again and since I’ve had to be away from 3D printing for some time, I’m having trouble coming up with a good related topic.  Hence, the least I can do is inform my readers why the early absence from blogging.


Not that it matters too much now, I was suffering from an infection in my ankle (I know, what a strange place for an infection,) which I did not know I had.  All I knew at first was that I didn’t feel good.  I felt sick most of the time and not motivated to work on any of my projects.  It’s only been a little more than a month since I posted anything to this site.  It’s been a little more than two (2) months since I’ve posted a blog, but in May I put up a page of 100+ links to 3D File Sharing Websites.  It took some serious time to research and create the page.  Here’s a link to the 100+ Websites:  http://thebestof3d.com/model-libraries.  While working on this page I didn’t have the time to write an article and was unknowingly getting the previously mentioned infection in my ankle.


Knowing it’s only been a bit more than a month since I posted anything, sure helps a lot, because, I’ve noticed that it’s not just if you’ve stopped something long enough, it’s hard to get started again.  It’s also, the longer you are away from a project the harder it gets to get started again.  It felt like I’ve ignored my readers for a much longer time than I actually have.  That makes me feel a little better about the length of time I’ve been away and thus makes it easier to return.


One thing though, not only haven’t I been able to write about 3D Printing but I haven’t been able to actually 3D Print anything, so I’m a little short of ideas for articles at the moment (A-ha, the truth comes out: so this is the reason for this post,) if anyone has any ideas for something you’d like to see talked about in the world of 3D Printing, I’d love to hear them.  Also, I need an idea for my next project page that provides my readers with helpful information/lists, i.e.: the Best of the 3D Printing Video Channels (http://thebestof3d.com/top-20-video-channels), My Glossary (http://thebestof3d.com/3d-printing-glossary) and the 3D File Sharing Libraries mentioned above (http://thebestof3d.com/model-libraries).  I’ve been thinking a list of links to the coolest 3D printable objects found on the internet.  A page like that would have to be dynamic and changing all the time, but I’ve seen some really cool stuff on the internet that I’d love to print out when I have time, between my current projects.


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Darren Hughes

Darren is a Nerd/Jock hybrid. In fact, he maybe the original nerd. In the '60's, he and his Sister were certainly among the first Trekkies, having pretended to be the crew of Enterprise at night (after watching the original series during it's inaugural run) and playing little league in the day. Darren holds a few college degrees. One of them for Engineering and another for Computer Networking. He's always been a fan of learning and technology. Darren has only been 3D printing for a couple years and still considers himself a novice. It is his hope for this blog site to share what he learns as he goes with other beginners, to save them time and hassle finding the best 3D printing and avoiding the worst.